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    So, i have an SP5. I had an SP4 before it, (3 lots of fork seals on the “ must have “ ÷hlins, and in all honestly a paint scheme that i didnt like(big white number board on fairing)).

    I did a few upgrades to the SP5,newer ÷hlins that actually peformed better than the revalved showas and that was it.Perfect

    I then got carried away, but thats i another story that those of you that know my bike will testify to, but the main thing was the engine! It is awesome. Parts bin special? Maybe. 1992 corsa engine with a fan.... yes please!

    My favourite, looks.....SP3, but when ridden against the SP5 it has to be that engine of the SP5!

    At the end of the day, from 851 to 888 they are all FANTASTIC machines, with their idiosyncrasies and also bits we like(white frames?) and those we don’t (showas? Gold frames?).

    I love them all, more than all the series, I don’t look up to an SPS or down to a Strada, just glad that someone appreciates the model to own one.

    Oh,and the SP5 is the best! Well mine anyway! ��
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