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Thread: Playing in the shed.

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    Default Playing in the shed.

    Just been getting into a mind set process I'm labelling NCRation. First you look at every NCR bike you can find, and stare at them endlessly over a period of years. In between look at the collection of your S2 in bits. There is no thinking, just looking and absorbing the vibe. Finally one day your sole can bare it no more and your hip pocket has developed a bulge. A box is opened and the first part sets you in motion. The thought process is now intertwined with our once three , but then 2 mates from Borgo Panigale who liked to piss about making bikes go better.

    Today for me it was the clutch arms turn. I pondered what the boys would do. Ti of coarse. Back then cost would have put them off, but as I happened across a bit of Ti plate, ( that came from a gold separation plant in South Africa no less), for free, why not. So today I cut it out. It is at this point, for those who might be contemplating building a Titanium dolls house for the favourite niece, don't. Ti is bulshit to cut. The slots I initially half depth cut with angle grinder cutting disc, 4 of them. Having run out of cutting discs I had to resort to the pneumatic hacksaw, 3 blade changes. Ti is tough hey.

    Previously I machined up a the rear caliber control rod frame stand off out of Ti. It does seem. to machine well.
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