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Thread: Battery size for 888r ?

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    Default Battery size for 888r ?

    While waiting to find an original CF Battery Tray for the 888R project, I did some prototyping today 'Card board technology', planning to make an ALU version for now, tailored to actual final battery size.

    Im after some advice wrt battery size/Ah for the racer, I may keep the starter option, but nothing else , i.e. lights etc.. I have obviously looked at Lithium Ion options, but not sure how little of a Battery i can get away with, physical/Ah.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Grazie Mille..
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    i had a regulator plug come undone, and with a yb12bb battery got about 20 min run time, buts that's with indicators no headlight. Best bet is to find your current draw at race rpm. Then do the maths given your start voltage at about 14.3 v. And you shoul be able to get run time until battery gets to 12.2v. That will give you your amp hr min.
    There's a guy here running a single and he uses a model aircraft li po battery pack. That's keen.
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    The Shorai batteries weigh nothing!
    Check it out:

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