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Thread: Ducati Pricing Question.

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    Default Ducati Pricing Question.

    Hello! I'm thinking of letting go of my 1993 Ducati SPO. I'd like to sell it at a fair price where no one overpays but I don't give it away. Would anyone here give me some help with pricing? Yes, I know that someone will wish to pay in bottles of bourbon and hopefully the Ducati spirit will cause some to suggest other creative "financing plans". Beyond that, some real numbers as to the value would be appreciated. Thnxs!

    Details: 1993 Ducati 888 SPO Just under 6K original miles. I'm the second owner. Bike is in good shape...has touched up nicks on lower fairings, needs new tires. Ohlins rear shock (guessing this is standard), carbon fiber FBF rear slip-ons, K&N air filter, CF front fender, Kevlar front brake lines, and custom saddle.

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    Did you ever get anywhere with this?

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