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Thread: 888/926 racing head, how to recoginze?

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    According to my notes B on head is 916 SP !
    using G and A cams .
    Cheers steve .
    Get yer twins out !

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    yes, I have another 916sp head and on the top is marked B and 94 year.
    What is strange of the other head is that it is marked 92 so probably is one of the first head done for the test.
    The G head sure are 888 SP5 heads (probably also 888 SPS head) and used also on the rear of the first 916SP.

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    I've a pair of modified 916SP heads on my 851/916cc motor, they're both marked (have cast into them) '94 and both have the sloped down exhaust rocker boxes, with the narrower valve covers.
    ...and they both came from the original 916SP motor.
    I've also a pair of NOS "G" heads that I've modified to take 37/32 valves (these have '00 cast into them), I went for the bigger exhaust valves as the "G" heads had much wider ID/bigger ports than the 916SP heads.

    Steve R
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