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Thread: Recommissioning my 900ss!

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    Default Recommissioning my 900ss!

    last week I decided to get my 900ss (95 carb model) out of the garage and back on the road after 10yrs doing nothing! It was put away in the corner of my heated garage sprayed with oils sitting on paddock stands, after a day's work removing the wheels for new tyres and a deep clean of the brake calipers+fluid change new fork oil ,new fuel filter and a major battle fitting a new tank gasket/seal,new clutch slave cylinder seal and fluid change,oil and filter change,new moto batt battery it fired up first time and settled down to a perfect smooth idle,what a machine! I'm going to order new belts and fit this week and it's ready for mot!
    I must say any parts I've ordered from JHP Coventry have arrived the next day their service has been super fast and professions I had toyed with the idea of selling the bike but after 20yrs of ownership I'm going to have this one as (another)keeper! It really is a great machine to work on and own!

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    Don't sell it, you all be sorry. I sold mine, and never forgave myself.
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