1994 Ducati 888 LTD No. 89

I purchased this 888 last summer. Since purchase I have begun to restore the bike to as mint condition as possible. I have taken off all of the bodywork giving it to Tony Markus for clear coating. I have put new Samco hoses on the bike, having all water connections polished and refinished doing away with any corrosion around the fittings. The bike is currently at Pro-Italia in Los Angeles awaiting new belts and a valve adjustment. I have placed new Rosso Corsa 3s along with a new chain and sprocket on the bike. The calipers are being cleaned with new pads. I am having new quick connect fittings placed on the bottom of the tank with new fuel hoses.

My intention was to restore the bike to as new a condition as possible while maintaining the original patina and to make it a rider, not just a garage queen. Bodywork is excellent. The tail is original paint with minor spider cracking on the number 1. Tony Marcus suggested not painting the tail. I am informed by Marcus that the side panels had been repainted, but that the tank is original.

There was some superficial corrosion on the Stator Cover, which has been removed and is being repainted by Marcus. There was some flaking on the rear of the engine case which will not be repaired as it requires splitting the case to properly remedy.

I purchased the bike last year for 14.5. I have now put some 2000.00 into it along with a lot of hours cleaning, but have yet to finish the clear coat, valve adjustment and belts. Anticipated cost to finish the bike will be an additional 3,000.00

I am willing to sell the bike for 16K as is, put back together or I can give the purchaser the option of finishing the clear coating, valves and belts and selling the bike for 19K. Both Tony Marcus and Pro-Italia are first rate shops doing excellent work.

I am selling the bike given an SP3 has come my way, hence there is no reason for me to keep both. If you are in the market for an 888, this one will be spectacular upon completion.

Contact me by telephone or email: Larry Bakman 310 850-5512; lbakman@lbakmanlaw.com I can email pictures of the bike in all stages of the restoration process.