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Thread: Latest shed job

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    Default Latest shed job

    This week I had the glamous job of removing disolved tank liner from this machines intake tract. The old unleaded fuel disolved the liner material and it crept through the fuel taps into the carbs and down the front cyclinder. Lovely brown smelly gum. Hours of fun. Its a beautful example of a 1973 750 sport, original as sold by Frazers. (Its had tiny indicators fitted without damaging anything) Some of the wiring has been replaced and its had its rings changed. Shit hone job. (Please if you ever do these old machines, 600grt or 8-10 ra. Not I'll just have a go with a honing brush)
    The good news is the fiberglass tank can be re-lined again with this guys special epoxy formula, which he has been using for over 15 years and no failures. I'd love to be able to tell you what it is, but its his trade secret. Cost is $180 per tank. No more ethanol issues.
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    Love this model

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    Nice one Griff!!

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