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Thread: G'Day

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    Hi all, newish Tricolore owner with the bike having travelled more miles by truck and ship than by road. (Italy, Japan, Perth, Brisbane).
    Currently has 7000km on the clock, not perfect and need a bit of a tidy up in places but still great to ride. When I collected the bike the rear Michelin tyre had a date stamp of 1989, so probably not done a lot of work in the last 20 years.
    It has new tyres and belts but need a good strip down and a thorough going over but time and space are currently at a premium. All part of the joy of ownership.
    Like a lot of guys I suspect, this was "The Bike" I lusted after in my younger days but budget would only stretch to a Paso (750 at that).
    I also have an 85 Mille that although 3 years younger is a generation apart from the 851, hard to believe that they are in anyway related.

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    Nice one mate, good to see another Japan special import.
    They are all finding good homes in Australia

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