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Thread: The Ducati Corsa Register ( 851 / 888 / 926 ) - You Tube

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    Why are the frame numbers on these bikes stamped onto an aluminium plate with normal number stamps, when the production bikes are stamped on a machine with what appears to be a small centre punch? The way the race bikes are done, anyone could drill the rivets out and put the plate onto another frame.
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    The number is on the same place than other bike.
    But hidden by the carbon x ram air.
    So to not remove it for the identification (for customs service) they put another plate with the frame number. You cannot simply put a plate on a frame and tell it 's a racing bike.
    Moreover a racing frame is not only gusset and eventually a removable cross bar... it's so specific on some area to make a false with a strada frame.

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    pm me.
    Hi 851corsa, is there somewhere where the corse register can be viewed or is it something you keep under wraps?

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    PM Sent

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