We came, we raced, we conquered.
The aptly named 62' 250 " The Lady of the Lake" (my charge) won period 3 250 Light Weight. Yey team. The 65' 350 took out the period 3 350 Junior. Yey team. T
The 72' 450 ( my charge also) decided it didnt want to play by a suspect lack of presence of the entire 3rd gear on its shaft during qualifying. I image most of it is lurking in the sump. This lead Brett to take the spare, which resulted in a servere butt kicking in period 3 350 junior. The favorite on a BSA was completly demoralised as he usually takes out the 3 periods including sidecar he enters. Viva Italia. Suck eggs poms. :-).
The other 350 developed a funny noise that was not one of happiness from the crank region and so retired after the first race, where it was running respectively mid field.
The Pantah TT replica without any top end work carried out and pilot recovering from getting his tendon reattached to his heal after trying to kick start a contancerous 860 GT, finished mid field.
A good weekend of racing and catching up with people. And no deaths this year.
The food at the kiosk also took a quantum leap, with the introducion of the hot chicken wrap.