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Thread: ST4S 5 spoke wheels

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    Default ST4S 5 spoke wheels

    As this has suddenly become relevant, what's the story with the 5 spoke ST4S wheels on the 851/888? Different bearings/sleeves/axles? Chain offset the same?
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    I'm running a set of ST4s 5 spoke wheels.

    The rear is the same, slots straight in.

    The front is a little troublesome. You will need a bearing change and sleeve. If I remember correctly you can re-use your current wheel bearings / sleeve in the 5-spoke front wheel. The bearings can be a nightmare to remove!

    As my bike is a track bike I got a spacer made to replace the speedo drive and this then also allowed me run the more ready available wider bearings.

    I have all the details written down somewhere.
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    I think there is many threads on this if you look.
    5 spoke SSie is straight fit (17mm spindle)

    ST, Monster (later) with 25mm spindle is not a straight fit (unless there are two types of rims with 25mm spindle)
    The 25mm spindle rear wheel is (from memory) 6mm wider so the cush drive needs to be modified.

    new bush

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