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Thread: This years bike holiday...

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    Default This years bike holiday...

    Yesterday I booked myself and my 851 onto the ferry from Liverpool (and back) for this years Classic TT/MGP.
    I'm going over from the 28th August to the 4th of September. I hope to catch up with fellow 851/888 owners whilst on the Island?...and of course I'll be popping into visit TonyIOM and his family.
    All I now need to do is sort out somewhere to stay for the Festival/week of fun.
    I had hoped to have finished and had fitted my new 955cc motor for the holiday but...
    Lack of cash has stopped that (but it's a lot closer to being finished!), so I'll just have to make do with the 128 rwbhp @ 9,200 rpm and 76.8 ft lbs of torque from my old 916cc motor, poor old me.

    Have any forum members entered bikes or riders for this years races?
    If anyone needs some help whilst over there from someone who's pretty handy with the spanners/knows his way around a race paddock/garage? Please contact me.

    Steve R
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    Would be good to know more about the trip when you get back, tips on places to stay, where best to watch from, what race classes there are, etc. Or is there a good website that would tell us? I really fancy the Classic TT but we couldn't spare the time/money this year, so we're doing the Cock o the North instead as it's only a weekend away. Taking the Honda as a back injury means the Ducati is off limits at the moment (the Physio says the Honda is too but sssshhhh!!!).

    Have a great trip and good luck with the weather.

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    Lots of TT race fans have their favourite places to stay and watch the races from.
    PM me and I'll send you my home phone number chap.

    But as for going to the "Cock of the North" rather than the Classic TT?
    Last year I went over and stayed with TonyIOM along with a couple of mates for a loong weekend.
    This year I'm stopping at a "Homestay" B+B (the Manx Government asks locals to put race fans up) in Port Erin.
    I like Port Erin because it's reasonably quite, although still with plenty of bikes around, being in the south of the Island, but has all the restaurants, cafes, take aways, pubs and entertainment that you'll need for a good holiday.
    It's also at the end of some fantastic roads when the days racings finished, a blast over "The Shlock" (not to sure about the spelling here? But it's the Peel to Port Erin/Port St Mary road), or just down the Douglas to Port Erin road via Castletown is always a hoot, the Castletown route takes in part of the Southern 100 race circuit/track, as do at least one other route then...
    Sitting on the cliff top, supping a pint whilst watching the sun set over the mountains of Northern Ireland across the Irish Sea is quite special.
    Top racing, top company, top scran and good entertainment!
    What more can you ask for if your a motorcycle fan?

    Steve R
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    Default Visit & a beer

    G'Day Steve, Im coming over and staying in Sulby near the Claddaugh, with the same host as the last several years.
    I'll be marshalling somewhere between Quarry Bends and the Ginger so I'll call you when I get there.
    Hope the numbers the same.

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