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Thread: frame or engine # for title ?

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    Default frame or engine # for title ?

    I know this varies state to state, but I have a 95 900 CR which was re-framed with a 92 750 frame....as it stands right now, it's registered as a 92 750......I need to sell it, and I'm not quite sure wtf I should do....I still have the original 95 frame with the neck fracture (which can be fixed).......any suggestions ?

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    Whatever the frame is that is what you sell it as. Wherever you list it just explain its a 750ss with a 900ss engine. The frame cracking was pretty common at the headstock so potential buyer(s) will understand. Frame/suspension are the same for both 750/900cr. Though you get an addt'l disc (w/ 900). As a plus insurance rates will be lower. Win/win.


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