Well haven't been real active on the forum for a while, been dragged back in history to 1962. I have a mate who likes to ride stupidly fast and another who has a 62 350. Well we got together and had another go after the end of last years tragic attempt. Which was a lot of fun for is pit guys, not so much for the jockey. Anyway after showing my counterpart some secrets and convincing him that things have moved along since the heady racing days of the seventies, we did alright. A few minor race prep issues and what I must say was a very ordinary state of tune on old mates behalf, the old girl started to find her legs. Pity it took until the last race to get there. We ended the weekend .86 seconds off the lap record for the class. Blitzing tz's and a couple of other singles. My jockey (who is waiting for uncle Ian to finish building a 250 engine), is somewhat talented. He's out there hanging on for grim death, with legs and arms everywhere(in discussions with my counterpart on exactly how suspension is supposed to work, but getting resistance. He's still a bit stuck in 1965. Had to draw the line when he wanted to put 10w/40 eng oil in the forks, and has a bit of an issue with variable dampening). Hopefully I'll get to ride and tune the thing before the next big meet. Otherwise I may need another jockey. Hopefully the 250 will be ready, then we can leave old mate to play and we can get on with winning. Just a little frighted about the TT2 he's putting together for a mate of ours. Should be quite funny in the pits.