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Thread: AHRMA/Barber Vintage Festival

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    Default AHRMA/Barber Vintage Festival

    Just a reminder that the 9th Annual Barber Vintage Festival is coming up October 11-13. If you've been, you know this is the largest/coolest vintage motorcycle event (hell, I'd say probably the largest/coolest non-HD event) in the U.S. If you haven't gone yet, you need to. Here's a link to Barber's site:

    For race fans, the highlight of the weekend is AHRMA vintage and alternative modern racing on the roadrace course -- all classes run both days -- as well as vintage motocross, cross country, and trials, all right on the Barber grounds. But there's also a giant swap meet, manufacturer's and vendor's displays, a bike auction, bands, the Ace Cafe Corner. Oh, and let's not forget the museum!

    Speaking of the museum, Friday night's Motorcycles by Moonlight dinner at the museum features Miguel Angel Galluzzi, Alan Cathcart, and Pierre Terblanche, which should be interesting.

    There will be Ducatis of all shapes and sizes racing, from small singles all the way up to an ex-WSBK 1198. I'll be there racing my 888 (#52) in Next Generation Superbike and BOT F1, and will be parked on the second level in with the motorhomes. Stop by and say hi if you're in the area.
    Mark Hatten

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    hunnybunny is currently planning another usa trip for maybe next year that, for "work" purpose, (junket, junket, junket) will probably start with the wsbk round at laguna and end with barber.
    Brad The Bike Boy


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    If anyone is going, can you be on the look out for a 76 NCR, and be kind enough get the owners contact details. I know a bloke in the UK who needs to talk to an owner of one. Probably only a handful in the world if your lucky.
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