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Thread: warning carbon wheel!!!!

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    Default warning carbon wheel!!!!

    not really a probleme on most 851/888 but i think worth to spread the word.
    saw this on an other forum.


    Warning dymag carbon wheel single sided swingarm
    Hi Ducatisti.

    I don't really bother posting much on forums anymore but still pop on here and some Ducati forums in the UK for a browse.

    Anyway had to post this WARNING to any owners on this forum using Dymag carbon wheels.

    I had a pair fitted to my Ducati 916SPS and have been using them on the roads here in the United Kingdom without a problem until last week.Rear wheel failed and did its best to part company with the rest of the bike.Luckily I had just pulled away from my local bike meet café and only doing about 60mph in a straight line when it failed.I managed to stop bike at the roadside despite loss of control of rear of my bike.

    I had Ducati Coventry pick my bike up and they sent wheel straight to Dymag for inspection.

    Dymag have now issed a warning on there facebook page and will add warning to there website on Monday morning.

    Until then I wanted to spread the word before someone is seriously injured.

    As these wheels were available via official Ducati Performance book as well as direct from Dymag it could effect many of its customers.

    Please see the following link and help spread the word worldwide via all the various ducati forums in US and Europe Aus etc etc.

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    How is the making of carbon wheel, any idea about it?
    vacuums reviews

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