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Thread: Gas Tank Removal

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    Default Gas Tank Removal


    I tried removing the tank on my '91 Strada only to be defeated by the four lines connecting the tank to the rest of the fuel system. The lines are only long enough for me to prop a piece of wood under the rear of the tank allowing me to see the underside of the tank. If I put my hand in there I'm blind and am working solely on feel. I would have thought that there would have been slack or extra length to these lines but apparently not. Am I overlooking something?

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    The lines are not fun to deal with, for sure. But it sounds like you're missing something (line caught on something) or a previous owner cut them short (used to be not easy to find the right hose in the States) for whatever reason. Many use CPC quick disconnects to make getting the tank off a cinch.

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    Default Been there and done it!

    If it's any help, I went through this same struggle a few years ago when I obtained my 91'. I wound up just cutting the lines near the tank side and installed new hoses along with quick disconnect fittings. You really have to be careful leaving lines too long because they can pinch. Once you go this route, servicing areas under your tank should be somewhat easier....Guess this is why Ducati installed a hinged tank on the 92 and later bikes...
    Gotta remember these are old bikes..
    PS, whenever working around these tanks, please be careful. They're aluminum and once dented would be extremely difficult to repair...
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    There is a 4 pin snap connector plug in the loom that allows you to separate the tank away from the bike. It will proably be cable tied to the frame either side of the plug which is why you can't move anything too far. Take the rear panel off to expose the frame and you should be able to follow the loom and ties from there.

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