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Thread: How unoriginal is your bike?

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    See how original is my bike

    When I bought it exactly 10 years ago, day to day (a '94 strada with some slight types SP5's look modifications).

    How she looks now (modifications list was in my presentation post I think).

    1ERE EN HAUT means 1ST UP
    (it was for the beginning, when I was not used to reverse gears)
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    Last of the 851's. Has some 888 parts on it from the factory. Bought it new.Original except for the RH muffler. Replaced that after a mate dropped it. Even the the handle bar grips are the original ones. The only one of my bikes that I haven't fucked with in one way or another

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    I like this post, like most on here I have a number of bikes I believe all modified to sum point. But talking 851/888 series on My:
    17" split Marvi rim
    Later M1r Forks, Maxton build, suitable 17_
    17" Kit Gaurd
    Original rear Shock, Maxton build
    SPS Brembo Brake/clutch Masterton Cyl
    None locking fuel cap
    spares Red Marco Luccineli body work
    Real sticky tyres
    Real noisey Farne Kit exhaust
    carbon foot pegs
    Carbon under tray
    Carbon Termi Cans
    Carbon bit & Bob
    Master Calipers, upgraded levers
    Real sticky tyres

    And yes for those really anoying people who ask, as and when or if you come to sell a bike, Is It Original.
    Sod Off, o yes though all the Original parts Boxed up for those who it matters.
    But if your riding them, go for it.
    Great post thanks
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