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Thread: How unoriginal is your bike?

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    Off the top of my head the only things original are:

    frame, but with corse gussets and removable cross brace
    fuel tank & internals
    side fairings
    swingarm and and rear axle
    front subframe and 2/3 gauge cluster
    tail light
    wind screen
    brake calipers
    turn signals
    lotsa bolts
    right side switch's on clip on
    suspension hoop & rocker

    All I can remember

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    I have changed some parts too:

    front wheel
    complete brakes including the pump (19mm dia)
    ... all from a 996

    engine from a st4s with head porting and pc3 (116 rwhp)

    footpegs from lsl
    handlebars from mr
    windshield from mra
    fairing from ricambi weiss
    tachometer from mbb
    rear wheel magnesium from pvm
    Scorpion spaghetti manifold
    Termi pipes (50mm dia)
    and many carbon parts

    but frame, tank and cpu (and some other parts) are original ;-)

    ... and I forgot the 900 gramm heavy LiFePo accu with the matching racing carrier
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    Reviving an ancient thread, but seems the right place.

    Mods (the unoriginals, front to rear with thoughts):
    CF front fender (made 17 years ago for my previous 1990 851, have forgotten by whom)
    Marvic magnesium Streamline wheels (~15 lbs lost that made a huge difference)
    Descacciati floating cast iron front rotors (from Motowheels. Look great and work even better)
    Pirelli Diablo Supercorsas (always wanted to try. BTO deal made it happen. So worth it.)
    Vitaloni Baby Turbos (look better IMO than the now-stored mouse ears)
    Brembo RCS 19 brake master cylinder (OEM not awesome; RCS is – incredible braking control)
    Brembo RCS 16 clutch master cylinder (a matching thing, but it does work a little better)
    Domino Quick-Throttle (1/4 turn)
    Matris F15k fork cartridges for M1R (front-end transformed; M1R now cool)
    Ducati Performance bar ends (like the look)
    Spider Peak grips (like the feel)
    Ohlins SD154 steering damper (never had a problem with slappers, and sure won’t)
    Samco silicone radiator hoses (one OEM broke, so…)
    Magnecor KV85 ignition wires (look cool and work well)
    EVR slipper clutch with sintered friction discs (never had one before. Should have)
    BCM billet clutch cover (subdued and sturdy)
    Spiegler steel brake & clutch lines in black (needed for RCSs. Nice looking, too)
    John Hackett customized EPROM (real improvement)
    Dynojet PCIII USB (mapped by Motorsport Exotica. A touch closer to perfect)
    JHP foam lozenge-style air cleaner (needed something, so called Coventry)
    Ducati side-stand from 907ie (about an inch longer and perfect with shock and taller Supercorsa rear)
    Annitori QS Pro quick-shifter (easy to install and works perfectly up and down with the slipper clutch)
    Vario 23mm adjustable foot pegs (35.5" inseam and 50+ year-old knees make these a must have)
    MVS-Performance CF ECU cover (gratuitous)
    CF front sprocket cover (why not)
    MVS-Performance case saver (better safe)
    Ducati ST4(s) header (the Brad Black influence)
    High-link pipes 45mm – 50mm, brackets and hangers (fabricated by Brian Kono, After Hours Racing)
    Termignoni Racing CF Oval 50mm exhaust silencers (sourced from Top Speed Shop in Germany)
    Termignoni CF exhaust straps (Top Speed found these in the bin. Thanks)
    Cogent Dynamics Pro Series shock (folks at CD are as awesome as the shock)
    Sebimoto CF upper and lower rear fenders (pretty and light)
    Driven Racing aluminum 40t rear sprocket (it’s Only 9.5 oz and 15/40 feels good to me)
    MVS-Performance CF chain-adjuster plates (good looking and very strong)
    Pro Bolt black Ti fasteners (look great and lighter, as if…)
    Rizoma Club turn signals (look better IMO and shine brighter than the now-stored OEMs)

    (Fun) stuff made by Jan/AJCorse:
    CF 3-piece Corse-style air box, with block-off plates and covers (feel the noise)
    CF velocity stacks Corse-style
    CF Corse-style gas cap
    CF dash cover
    CF snorkels (also gratuitous)

    Made by Griff:
    Radiator guard

    Made by motobob1000:
    Ferracci-style (old-school) tank protector

    All from members is first-rate.

    OEM takeoffs retained and carefully stored, even the piece cut to clear the exhaust.
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    The frame and rear rocker arm, switch gear, looms, headlight, tail light and indicators are the only original bits on mine.
    To infinity and.......

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    Rear brake caliper is the only thing left original on one of my bikes ,but I have the parts to change over to the underslung type...... mmmmmm
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    Quote Originally Posted by dudlington View Post
    Rear brake caliper is the only thing left original on one of my bikes ,but I have the parts to change over to the underslung type...... mmmmmm

    Change it then....


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    You poor bastards, modifying a bike and then I bet you rode it too!!!

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    Yep! And worth every hour of toil and trouble. Even got busted by the wife removing the front wheel and replaced the bobbins on the discs with my baby boy in one of those harnessís you strap on the front of you. Wow did she go off.
    To infinity and.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by marvin View Post
    You poor bastards, modifying a bike and then I bet you rode it too!!!
    Sure do mate and the modifying still goes on and on and on...
    Just about to fit some Billet Brembo GP calipers, that arrived in the post a couple of days ago.

    Steve R

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    Brembo cast iron floaters (have brand new discacceti floater's stored)
    Underslung rear caliper
    Silmotor slip ons
    Upgrade eprom
    916 clutch and brake master cyl's
    Oil cooler(yet to be fitted)
    23mm vario peg adjusters
    Exact starter cables
    New style starter solenoid
    QB Carbon seat unit
    Chain case saver
    Carbon hugger
    Carbon front gaurd
    Carbon open clutch cover
    Carbon Sprocket cover
    Jhp air filter with open lid
    Z48 Clutch
    Hel brake hoses
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