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Thread: Recommendation for 851 spare parts suppliers

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    Default Recommendation for 851 spare parts suppliers

    Evening All,

    Can't think of why I haven't asked this before other than I guess my 851 hasn't needed anything and the servicing I leave to Jeff Green at Gtec who does a fab job. Anyway - today was MOT day and last night I checked it over - rear brake actuating switch non functioning - intermittent and only when you press really hard on the pedal. Bled the brakes - no change, tied the lever down with cable ties over night - no change. I suspect the brembo switch through the banjo at the top of the rear master cylinder has gone OOS.

    So, where do I go to get a replacement?

    Recommendations please much appreciated?

    I have used Gusibits in Huddersfield for Brembo parts for my MHR, but they don't stock anything resembling this banjo pressure switch.



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    Any of the aftermarket brakeline suppliers sell them, I got my last one from Hel down in Exeter, the one before that came from Goodridge.

    Steve R

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