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Thread: who says 888s are not comfy.

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    Default who says 888s are not comfy.

    me south of france after the bol dor 24 hr, i think 1995, little younger then not sure would fancy the ride now thou!!

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    Rode mine to WDW last year. No problems with my butt just the rectifier.
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    My chiropractor has a voodoo doll of me
    she sticks some pins into it when she is a bit skint!
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    Default Have a go

    I say have a go if you have not tried it yet, Ducati and swiss alps to name one.
    Taken mine to Croatia Aug 09, wife took plane. I loved every minuite of it, 1st day rode 8 hours from Amsterdam to Colmar with plenty of sight seeing and cafe drop in's and I got of the bike slick as a new penny, should of seen some of the looks people gave seeing a 888 loaded up with tank bags and throw overs. Even had a couple of brits on blackbirds telling me I was brave or mad to bring a duc! I was insenced. The year befor that I took my Tricolour to canal De Midi and only had to let her cool of one very hot day when held up in slow traffic, mind you I did carry a rectifier in spare kit though!

    I say have a go to anyone with a well maintained duc and take the same precautions as any other bike would require, you will love it.

    This year my wife wants to tag along so I added a suitable bike to my collection last July and off to Lake Geneva in a couple of weeks! I can not say what bike I will be riding as I am embarresed to say it is a great tool for the job, leave you guessing, what would a man with a garage full of duc's Laverda's and Triton buy?


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