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Thread: eye protection not just for bikes

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    Default eye protection not just for bikes

    I will not get on my bike without the proper gear; helmet, gloves, armored jacket, riding boots. I just don't feel comfortable or assured without a helmet (been down before). You know there's two kinds of riders, those who have crashed and those who will. But that's not what this thread is about. So, listen up, here is the pertinent part.

    While I dawn eye protection on my bike, I didn't while I was working last Sunday. That ended me up in the emergency room. A rock launched at about 100mph and hit me square in my eye..wide open eye. Now, I am no pussy and can take a lot of punishment, even broke my hand once and thought I could sleep it off, but not this time. I was knocked to my knees. It was (and still is) pretty agonizing. I received a corneal abrasion which is basically a big cut on my eye. Right now I have blurred vision, headaches, nausea and a hard time as I am trying to read this type. (Please no sympathy as it's not my intention to have anyone feel sorry for me and my stupidity). I am hopeful I will regain my previous vision... Hey, they can fix anything these days right?

    My point is when you are in your workshop using the grinder or wire wheel or out in the yard cutting up brush or just riding your bike down your street...PROTECT YOUR EYES! Believe me you need them both!!! It only takes a few seconds to throw on some safety glasses (and they are inexpensive too)...don't forget the gloves. Maybe these words can make someone else think and save someone from future damage or anguish. Remember, you don't want to "pull a Robert" ..oh sorry should use this one .

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    Default Yep

    Agreed and point taken, education is the key also mate as I have continuously drummed into my two young children the consequences of what can simply happen when short cuts are implied or we just get complacent.

    The big man above only gave us two eyes so we need to look after them

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    Nasty one Robert, hope it all gets better soon. I must admit years ago I thought I just won't bother this time with the sunglasses( Safety type) on the flight line. Wham small rock in eye from jet wash. 2 weeks doing Pirate impressions. Arrr me arties, where's the Buccaneers. On your Bucken head!


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