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Thread: 1989 Ex-Raymond Roche Works Ducati

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    Quote Originally Posted by 851corsa View Post
    Factory production records require corsa frames, just as strada's and sp's, have a unique number, Ducati practice is to position it on the side of the headstock.

    Not to be confused with a vehicle id number, which some race organisations require if it is to be entered in an event. It is often how the race mechanics refer to their machines when logging maintenance work which needs to be done or the set up adjustments made. Race scrutineers would visually inspect this id number at each event so it could have been practicality that caused a plate to be fitted in clear view rather than use the headstock and engine placement of the numbers.


    The 851/888 frames were powder coated prior to having the frame number stamped on them. I have been told that frames repaired at Pierobon, are stripped, repaired and then recoated, so the number can become almost entirely invisible.


    The red lettering on the fallapa id plate is not original, neither are the fluid reservior and swingarm end cap colour highlights. They look like the effects of badly judged 'over restoration'. Replacing some bodywork screws, if it was needed, does not seem that bad unless a bike is advertised as '100% unrestored and an 'as raced' original.

    Also, hand made plates fixed to the frame side rail in plain sight was also for shippment papers and customs agents to easily see.
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    Default 1989 851R Raymond Roche Bargain!

    Quote Originally Posted by Viggo888 View Post
    For sale in a Bonhams auction in the US next month looks very nice.

    Just checked the website today and this works Ducati sold for a measly $17250! Someone didn't do their homwework very well (the buyer clearly did)!


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