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Thread: 1991 Ducati : Superbike 851 SP3 Replica Ebay

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    Default 1991 Ducati : Superbike 851 SP3 Replica Ebay

    *What Does This Bike have from an Authentic SP3 & More*
    - Aluminum Fuel Tank (Stock)
    - Full Floating Cast Iron Rotors on Billet Aluminum Carriers($900)
    - Ohlins Shock($1200)
    - Ducati SP3 Fibergalss Solo Race Tail Section($2,800)
    - TERMIGNIONI "Spaghetti" Tube & Hi-Swept Termignioni Race Exhaust($2,500)
    - White Mitered & Gusseted Race Frame(stock)
    - Black Brembo Wheels (5.5" Wide Rear & 3.5" Front)
    - Billet Brembo Brake Calipers ($1,600/Pair)
    - Front White Matching Number Plate w/painted silver & black clear coated pinstripes(to match period correct Ducati logo) $350
    - Period Correct Ducati Vented Clutch Cover($250)
    - Original Vittaloni Mirrors Included(not pictured)
    This Bike aesthetically identical to an 851 SP3 except for the front forks which are factory original & stock, 41mm inverted fully adjuastable Showa units.
    The Fuel Tank & Frame as well as all other body fairings (except seat section), Rear Brake, Hand Controls were all the same between the Strada & SP3 in 1991.
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    I sold my 900ss and bought this bike. I figured with all the goodies that were on it I had to have it. I could never go back to a two valve now after this. Oh, I am a new member on the site now too!

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    Welcome to the 851/888 forums Porsche RS and thats a nice looking bike

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