Folks - I'm hoping for some advice - I'm about to spice up my 900SS-engined Bimota DB2. Although there's nothing particularly wrong with it at the moment - it could do with a bit more.

The plan at the moment, over the currently stock configuration:
* Open breathing bimota exhaust
* ST2 cams
* 94mm barrels, with ST2 pistons
* replacing (old, silver) head studs
* lightweight flywheel

It'll need some dyno time, and either an updated fuel chip or a PC to get the fueling right once that is in place. I use it on the road only. I was considering high-compression pistons, head porting and adjustable cam pulleys, but I guess I've got to start drawing the line somewhere.

Does anyone think that there is anything that I'd be daft to overlook at this point, or otherwise need to reconsider?

As always - Brads site has made useful research: