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Thread: Ducati 888 SP4 in Black

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    Default Ducati 888 SP4 in Black

    So I bought this rather tidy SP4 in Black a few years ago. Some Patina , a few areas where the paint was lifting off the Carbon panels but tidy. Then I took off the fairings and the project began. First to go away were all the panels/tank. I fitted an electronic tacho as the one on the bike did,nt work. Basically it is a Laverda tach insides, mounted in an 400ss mechanical body (Hence the tasty 11K redline). It already had a 996 SPS engine in it but I was not happy with the airbox arrangement so I made another one. Wiring got tidied as did the wheels, general painting of all the small parts. The air pipes were shot so were replaced with slighly larger vacuum hose . Exhausts were a nasty hybrid so I had them re welded properly to fit onto the Carbon Cans. Now I do not know where all the time went but it is finally finished (Apart from the tank needing sealing). Starts on the button but for some reason it does not tick over below 1500 rpm ????. High tick over it is then. It sounds raw so it could be the state of tune. Weather permitting before the winter I hope to test ride it. I bought the bike from the second owner who told me it was specified like this by the first owner (Apart from the engine swap that was done by the 2nd owner as the original blew up). I do not have the original panels (Its all carbon) or the original engine but this one is surely one of my favourites in the collection so unlikely to sell anytime in the near future. What is it about black Ducatis,with the white frame ................. pure PORN.

    Personally I have a 907ie Paso in Red but would love a Black one with a 1198 engine inside.............if anyone has one for sale.

    Now onto the next project !!!!!.
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    Itís a very nice. Well done. The must say they do look rather cool in black. I like Marks Corsa too.
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    Yep, I like that enjoy

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    That's a sexy combo. I wouldn't mind one in black with gold stickers

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