So, in days of old, to fit monster cams in single heads the boys use to “butterfly” cut the cam cap hole to get the cam lobes in. Great except the only thing holding the cam cap in place are the screws. This of coarse leads to some time and skill to line up the cam cap after shiming the head.
Well, having 2 Desmo heads butterfly cut and Desmo single heads becoming somewhat thin on the ground and expensive, I decided to return them to a functional state. Basically welding and then line boring. After machining up the alignment spigot (tolerances are in microns) can I just say next time you hear the term “line boring” be in awe of how much pissing around actually goes into the process. No bloody wonder it’s expensive! Luckily I have access to a sodding big lathe and a Bridge port mill. Next week is going to be entertaining.