My 600ss is overcharging quite badly. Anywhere above 2500rpm it puts out 15.3-15.5v.
I measured the resistance of the voltage reg in various places and it was bad.
I swapped it with a known good one.
Ran it for 15sec to test and it was still overcharging.
I then multimetered the stator and determined that was bad, as it had continuity to ground and the wrong resistance between the two wires.
I have swapped that, and it's still overcharging by the same amount.

Could I have killed the second voltage reg for running it for those 15sec? Or are they more hardy than that?

I did find someone who said that the voltage reference that the rec/reg uses to determine how much to charge the battery is an issue if there is a voltage drop in between the battery and the rec/reg.
I ran a direct cable from the battery to that terminal and there was no difference.

Any thoughts?