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Thread: Dream build

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    I think a rolling chassis from a 916-996 would be great as well to use with a aircooled engine.


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    Quote Originally Posted by brad black View Post
    brian rosser runs ducati 650 engines in the iom. this year he has a 4v version (821 with 749r crank pretty much), previously he has run 696 based motors.

    i'm sure he has an old 696 bike he could sell you.
    Thanks Brad, I’ll see if I can find some info.

    But “buy” a bike? Now where would the fun be in that,lol?

    I’m just curious at the moment, rolling ideas around in my head. The roads in WA are shit, built for Harley’s not Duc’s, so I enjoy time in the shed more than out on our over policed under-cornered carriage ways.

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