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Thread: 926 corsa build , ex G Ritchie chassis .

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    Thanks Steve- Nice of you to remember.

    I had this info for LECHLER paint a few years ago but it was a dead-end for me in the US. In the US we do not have LECHLER paint.

    I was hoping that your painter might have used a different brand which is also offered in the US.

    PPG is what I normally use but the US branch does not have a color code for the Ducati bronze color-- at least my supplier after speaking with US PPG say that they do not.

    I have used a few brand's color matching camera but the cameras just give the closest match in that brand's catalog. No bronzes in the catalogs seem to come close enough. I have spent hours at my suppliers just trying to match reds performing sparay-outs in the parking lot using a portable air compressor and a touchup gun. This bronze is a bit harder to match.

    Perhaps a forum member in the US has found a match using a US available paint system.

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    Was the frame undamaged in the crash? Impressive if so

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    Quote Originally Posted by econti View Post
    Was the frame undamaged in the crash? Impressive if so
    Hi there ,
    No - frame was damaged , but only rear end tubes - rest was straight .
    Had it cut down in a supermono replica I built , for years then tubes reinstated for the 926 rebuild !
    Get yer twins out !

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