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Thread: 851 strada resurrection.

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    Well i replaced the belts with EXACT FIT belts and probably just as well as the old ones , tho low mileage were stiff and and hard compared to the new ones . I must have had one too many adult gatorades when i checked the gas tank because once fully drained it is full of rust and sediment . I'm farming the tank cleaning and sealing out to a local independant shop that has come highly recommended . The wife is not keen about the bad gas smell wafting over to the house .
    I bought a new NAPA fuel filter , new gas cap base plate "o" ring and top seal ( 2 each - i understand they are easy to mess up ) and will have them replace everything including all fuel lines inside and outside the tank . The fuel pump doesn't work with power applied so i bought a pump from ebay that is a replacement for BMW K75/100' . It said it's for 851/888 Ducatis also . Anybody have a better alternative ?.
    Interestingly enough there a few older ducatisti here in Albuquerque who are passionate about the brand . I met an older guy - like i'm not old @ 62 lol - who has 4-5 older ducatis , at a giro restaurant !. He makes the most beautiful Ducati belt buckles - has restored many old Ducks to boot . I think his name is Tom Rolland .

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    Default fuel pump

    You maybe able to resurrect that pump. Fill it with injector cleaner , let it sit for a while or overnight. Then try it. sometimes you have to connect it in reverse so it runs backwards and breaks it loose. Once it's working again run injector cleaner through it.

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