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Thread: looking for a parts manual specifically for the 1993 888 SPO

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    Default looking for a parts manual specifically for the 1993 888 SPO

    I finally realized one of my bucket list items by purchasing an 888 SPO. Can't wait for the snow to melt and get it on the road! While I'm waiting I am gathering information and knowledge of the bikes. Bought some books and downloaded the service manual. I searched this site and others but can't seem to find a parts book/manual for this specific bike. Does anyone know if there is one available?

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    It might be worth looking at the 2 parts lists from Stein Dinse. The first is the one for the SP4 and the second is from the Strada (biposto). The SPO being a bit of a blend of Strada mechanicals, with SP4/5 looks.


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