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Thread: G inlet camshaft horizontal cylinder

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    Default G inlet camshaft horizontal cylinder

    Here a question for corse experts:
    The G inlet camshaft marked OA for horizontal cylinder exist also in the "long" version extended to drive the tachometer cable?
    I think that the code 14810201A is referred for this type of camshaft.
    Someone can confirm? Someone have one for sale?

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    Yes, this g-inlet cam does exist (SP5 and SPS).

    I got a set of G-inlet cams from a 916SP. The horizontal cam originally doesn't come with the extension for driving the tacho meter, but I had the extension added so it would suit my SP3.

    Right now I am installing 748R heads and cams, so I am willing to sell the g-inlet cams. If interested please PM me.


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