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Thread: Brembo Caliper supplier

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    Default Brembo Caliper supplier

    I recently started a thread asking for help locating/refurbing a set of 30/34 40mm Brembo’s for my 888. Cut a long story short big thanks to Final Edition who recommend I try Carpimoto in Italy.

    Carpimoto have an offer at €110 each. Needless to say I bought two sets for front and a rear for €80.
    Not only that but they were a pleasure to deal with. V efficient, Fed Ex delivered three days after payment.
    Highly recommend. So anyone after Brembo stuff. Try them.
    Link and pics
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    The finish on Brembo calipers is generally excellent--far more durable than the Japanese alternatives. I have found that for light cleaning, a toothbrush and a solution of hot water with about 20% Simple Green works well. For really dirty calipers I use the same solution in my heated ultrasonic cleaner. Remove the caliper and give it a one minute dunk it in the bath, keeping the inlet above the waterline. Scrub with the toothbrush, repeat, rinse, dry well. Then I use a little lube around the pistons and replace the pads and pin. They always come out looking practically new and those cleaners can be found for under $100.

    When it's time for a complete caliper rebuild I take them apart and put them in the hot ultrasonic for 10 minutes before a scrub, rinse, dry, and rebuild with fresh seals and lube.
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