Last week I saw an advertisement for an Ohlins FG43 front fork on a Dutch site. Brand new and only once mounted. Talking on the phone, the man turned out to be an 888 enthusiast. He guaranteed me that this fork would be a real asset to my project. I did not even have to pay them immediately! We, 888 enthusiasts, trust each other!
After receiving the package, the forks turned out to be brand new but also 80cm long! Most of the forks are between 71-73cm in length. And suddenly that friendly gentleman was no longer available by phone! Luckily I did not pay anything and after a long urging, I got his address to return the forks!
In the meantime I have heard from 3 people stories that confirm this gentleman's reputation (from selling home made Brembo's!!!!!! to not delivering goods).
So be careful when trading with Fred. His phonenumber ends with 710.
Oh ... and turns out: he's a mate from that Stretta guy ...
I could have expected it!