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    Hi All,
    After 8 years of owning and tweaking my 888 time has come that I don't ride it much due to neck/shoulder issues. Thought I would post it here before going to open market
    Bike is as per below but pm me if you are interested to get the full story.

    Engine: 955cc /996 SPS Cams/36/31 valves/Pistal HC Pistons/21mm pins/Carillo Rods/916 Cases
    Fuelling: 54mm Throttle Bodies/Twin Injectors/Custom Eprom Chip by Brad Black
    Cooling: Oversize Radiator/Manual Fan Switch
    Suspension: Ohlins Front and rear
    Wheels: Carozzeria Lightweight Alloy
    Alloy Sub Frame
    Carbon Ducktail
    Heaps of other accessories as visible on the bike.

    Original Parts
    Bike comes with original fairings painted in same colour scheme as (fibreglass fairings) currently on the bike with original subframe and pegs, levers etc.
    Original revalved Showa front and rear Suspension
    Original brake calipers, discs, front axle assembly to suit
    Dismantled original 888 engine with 50mm throttle bodies,injectors etc.
    Boxes of various parts and accessories.

    Bike has not been raced or crashed, has been a ‘Sunday’ bike owned by fastidious owner.
    Bike has done approximately 2500kms since engine rebuild
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