i did a leak down test on the horizontal yesterday when i pulled the radiator out to swap the original back in, and it had 3% or so. so that's not the issue. i'll pull the covers and check the closers to see if they've gone bad again or if i just fucked up.

pulled the front master off the bars and rotated the res around so the hose was inclined up as well and a little air came out with a reverse bleed. took a shot out of each caliper and maybe got a little air out of the lh.

getting desperate, and clinging to any possibility of hope, i wound the adjuster out on the lever a couple of turns to give it a lot more clearance and gave it another reverse bleed. while it was still flowing fluid back into the res as was when the pads were forced back, and you could see the fluid level rising when squeezing the lever, it did seem to make a difference to the lever take up distance and feel. more so that anything else. wacky. still not overly happy with it, but happier with this now than the way the fucking thing runs.

i really need some air bleeds on it, and i'm thinking i'll make up a little air bleed block and run it into the hoses that go to the fuel pressure reg now, and piss off the fuel pressure variation with manifold vacuum. that way i can play with the air bleeds - i occasionally see half a turn of air bleed make a massive difference to how clean an idle mixture is - seen it on 996 and 1000ss and othes over the years. if the closing clearances are ok it might be my only hope.

i also know that having each cylinder connected by a little vacuum tube can really mess them up too - seen that on a few things as varied as laverda sfc twin and those aprilia sxv/rxv shitboxes.

anybody know if the later 916 style throttle bodies fit onto an 851? i've got a couple of them kicking around. possibly easier than making an air bleed system.