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Thread: Ducati 851 Corsa

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    Default Ducati 851 Corsa

    Does anyone know how I can trace a bikes history without a V5 , I have bought a 851 Corsa and would like to know who bought the bike from Ducati directly.

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    Have you contact the ducati factory all ready for some information?
    They might give you some information from the frame number.
    Oh and pictures of the bike please or it didn’t happen.


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    Yes I agree with Henk

    Give them the chassis number and engine number if you have it and lots of photos of the bike with and without fairings so they can see what it actually is. They have personally called me a couple of times on some frames and bikes I have had in the past. Sometimes positive and sometimes negative. You need to make the request to the RACE DEPARTMENT. not the ordinary department dealing with road bikes.

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    Default Ducati 851...

    I agree with both the earlier replies. I sent details and photos of my bike to the factory and they were able to confirm that it was a genuine SP3. Thankfully!

    The e-mail address I used was: contact_us@ducati.com

    This is the information they asked for:

    With reference to your request, in order to carry out further verifications and provide you with the adequate support, we kindly invite you to send us the following pictures (possibly digital) of your 851 SP3:
    - a front view;
    - a rear view;
    - the 2 sides of the bike;
    - the engine and the no. punched on it;
    - a picture of the frame number, punched on the bike + a copy of your V5C (front/back, in Jpeg or Pdf, where we can clearly read bike's VIN and the registration at your Name, together with the Ownership Start Date).
    851 SP3 #197

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