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Thread: Paddock stand??

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    I think it's the 13-18mm range set you'll need as offered, just measure the diameter of the hole in the bottom of the stem tube to confirm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toni851 View Post
    does anyone use this kind of head stem front stand (see link) on a ducati 851 and can tell me which adapter (pin) size will work? i can choose between a set of 13-18mm, a single 24mm or a single 27mm adapter

    thanks for help, cheers phil

    Yes I use one of those, BRILLIANT!! not sure if the bottom yoke is the same size as the SP5?

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    yep stafford was right, the 17 or 18mm pin should do the job, so im gonna choose the 13-18mm adapter set. thanks for the fast help, cheers phil
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