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Thread: Alan Cathcart's 851 Superbike Edizione 11/1987 for sale...

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    No, sand cast GTís are a thing like greenframes? A bloke rolled up on one to the shed 2 weeks ago. Weird kick start lever. Itís going to need a service soon. (Insert evil laugh here). Really got to stop smashing these things with big hammers.

    The thing is Sir Alan, is a rider. He rides and writes about riding. His son works with Brook. Thatís all I know. He took delivery of a bike. What ever it was it would be an advancement of luckyís bike.
    Most race bikeís value is in who rode it. Bob Brown had one in a glass case. Is Bob Brownís worth more than Sir Alanís just because Bob is Bob and Alan is Alan. Now Carlís bike is a different story, as is Dougís etc.
    To me itís just a way overpriced early Tricolour that Brook has probably restored. Clean and neat yes. As for the bits on it that make it something, I have no idea, you guys are way better at that sort of thing than I am.

    Iím focused on 6mm ducati bevel cap screws. Not original unless it has them apparently. Fxxxxxg hell, really! So who knows how to build a knurling tool?
    To infinity and.......

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    Just to put my pennies worth in, first yes estimate exagerated to encourage the type of invester That may now little of Subject matter. That said, if your in the position for a modern classic Ducati That looks like it has been modified to use then bid accordingly, if no reserve you may be laughing on the right size of your face

    I would buy it but no where near there expectations, but I Think because like most on here , No better.

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