No, sand cast GTís are a thing like greenframes? A bloke rolled up on one to the shed 2 weeks ago. Weird kick start lever. Itís going to need a service soon. (Insert evil laugh here). Really got to stop smashing these things with big hammers.

The thing is Sir Alan, is a rider. He rides and writes about riding. His son works with Brook. Thatís all I know. He took delivery of a bike. What ever it was it would be an advancement of luckyís bike.
Most race bikeís value is in who rode it. Bob Brown had one in a glass case. Is Bob Brownís worth more than Sir Alanís just because Bob is Bob and Alan is Alan. Now Carlís bike is a different story, as is Dougís etc.
To me itís just a way overpriced early Tricolour that Brook has probably restored. Clean and neat yes. As for the bits on it that make it something, I have no idea, you guys are way better at that sort of thing than I am.

Iím focused on 6mm ducati bevel cap screws. Not original unless it has them apparently. Fxxxxxg hell, really! So who knows how to build a knurling tool?