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Thread: Race weight

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    Default Race weight

    Hey Steve,
    Apparently your a fat bastard and your government wants you have more acceleration. Now thatís governing!
    To infinity and.......

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    I think you'll find he has enough RWBHP to drag his butt down the road, anyway it's beer not food he has to excess .
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    Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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    Hi Griff,

    Stafford knows me so well!

    Whilst I do actually eat like a horse and drink like a fish...(I love good food and Booze*, apart from building and riding fast motorcycles they're 2 of the greatest pleasures in life IMO)
    I find that getting up very early and working hard tends to burn off most of the calories that I consume mate...
    *I CAN drink a pro' rugby team under the table without breaking sweat, it's taken years of practice though.

    Every few grams or ounces that I can save from my bikes, means that I can eat another pie etc.
    ...and I for sure don't need a "Nanny State" telling me what to do, FFS I pay their wages.

    Steve R
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