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Thread: Buying an 851 1990 Superbike

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    Default Buying an 851 1990 Superbike

    Hi guys

    I am new on here (and based in the UK). I have the possibility of acquiring the above bike via a friend who has been lucky enough to get his hands on this bike, but he is not a biker!

    Any advice you can give me, things to look for, whether certain things show it is an original or that it is a facelift model (if there was such a thing). Someone told me that in 1990 they did improve the model slightly and added Showa upside down forks.

    any help before I commit would be good.

    It has a full history but has been off the road for around 8 years. Has only done 13000 miles and bodywork pretty good for the age.



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    Post a few pics if you can. Then those with a keen eye can assist. Lh Rh front and rear.
    Mine was a 90 Biposto, it had M1R front forks, Marzocchi Duo shock rear, the silver adjustable rear suspension rocker arm, black engine, flat radiator, and looked pretty much like these pics.
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    I restored and rebuilt a '90 851 a couple of years ago.. photos here for reference:



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