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Thread: Help identifying tank

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    Default Help identifying tank

    Awhile back, I attempted to purchase from a member here what was described as a rare, early version, 851 Ducati Corse/Racing Carbon Fiber tank. I wanted the tank to go with a bunch of cool CF Corse repro pieces that I had purchased from another member, Jan/AJCorse, which included a 3-piece air box, velocity stacks, gas cap, and the alloy bits to hold the tank. After purchasing the tank, it got lost in international post for months. This led to my receiving a refund through PayPal and making arrangements for another tank.

    Then, the first tank showed up today.

    Even though I have found another tank, I thought about repurchasing this one, until I opened the package. I want to be completely fair, so I am not going to claim to be sure, but my initial thought is I do not think the tank is an authentic Ducati Corse CF tank.

    Here’s what I see:
    —two fuel connections down the middle—more like my original tank (3 down the middle) than any Corse tank I have seen, which all have had the fuel out and return on opposite sides of the tank.
    —no Ducati markings that I can find.
    —the “CF” does not feel or look right—not that I am an expert. And, internally there are layers that seem unfinished/delaminated that are peeling away from other layers.
    —the tank has no provision for mounting the fuel pump internally and no fuel sender or way to route the wiring inside or from the tank. This is setup for an outboard fuel pump and wiring.
    —finally, parts of the outer bottom of the tank seem to made of/repaired with plastic/fiberglass. Again, not an expert; just looks and feels that way.

    I am including pictures. Though, the tank is not what I was looking for—it does not have the sender and the fuel line configuration won’t really help with air-box clearance—I do hope someone here will tell me whether this is in fact Ducati Corse.

    I have contacted the seller to let him know that the tank finally arrived, and that I would assist in repacking and dropping it off for return to him.

    Thanks, all.
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    From the pictures you have posted, this tank looks very much like a carbon replica of the stock '89/'90 aluminum street tank. All of the factor Works bikes from '88 on used either an aluminum tank with outboard fuel taps or starting from the mid '90 Corse, the common carbon fiber tank with outboard fuel taps.

    I have never seen a factory Works Corse or a customer bike use a carbon version of the street aluminum tank with inboard fuel taps.

    Perhaps one of the Tricolore Strada and Kit owners have more insight- I have only restored/own Corse's. The bikes which the factory offered to non-factory race teams were based upon street frames and were much different then the handbuild Factory Works bikes which had custom built frames and a completely different wire harness and ECU location.

    It is possible that there was a carbon version of the street tank offered to non-factory teams who were campaigning Kit bikes or Lucchinelli Replica bikes--- but that is not my area of knowledge.

    In mid '90, the Factory Works bikes saw major changes. The frame was no longer hand fabricated and was based on the street frame and much more carbon bits were used such as the air intake/airbox and the carbon fuel tank. By '91 both the Factory Works bikes and the Customer Racing bikes offered to non-factory teams were based upon the same street frame and had many of the same parts-- depending upon how much money the team wished to spend and/or if the team had a good relationship with the factory.

    Here are a few pictures of my '89 Factory Works bike which very original and complete-- a sister to the one in the factory museum--- next to my '91 Ferracci AMA Customer Racing.

    Still finishing up my restoration on both-- but notice how both the aluminum tank on the '89 looks very similar to the carbon tank on the '91 with outboard fuel taps.

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    Excellent information and amazing motorcycles, Mark. Thank you - Greg

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