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Thread: SP clutch

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    Default SP clutch

    Hi Gents,

    I've just removed a slipper clutch from an SP....I'd like to put it back to standard....a few questions to ask those of you experienced with dry clutch rebuilds....Looking at the workshop manuals..there appears to be a difference between Strada and SP clutch packs...ie the amount of plates per pack...?
    Is this because of more power and torque with the SP's compared with the Stradas...?
    Some (not all) SP's have aluminium baskets.....?
    There are different types of friction plate materials..which is best suited for an SP...?
    Can a strada clutch pack fit into an SP basket ( without causing problems and a lot higher wear...?)
    I'd like to make sure I take the right option for longevity and not being too expensive...?
    Look forward to your replies. Thanks.

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    The ducati Aluminium clutch basket and Aluminium clutch pack will do the job. Standard for the 851 was a steel basket. Just don’t put in steel plates in an Aluminium basket. The basket is the same all the was up to 2000 and something models.
    An Aluminium clutch clutch pack and Aluminium basket seem to be good for at least 40000km, depends how you ride. Some people use Barnett, the choice is yours.
    I use the Ducati basket and pack and there is no issue with slip. Just remember to put the convex plate in first. Ie 2 steels then convex with the teeth pointing out.
    To infinity and.......

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    Hi Addie,

    Just my tuppence worth here...

    The SP's had a steel basket like the rest of the 851/888's, but it was lightened with holes drilled into it. I've got an old slightly worn one here in my workshop/collection.
    None of them had a alloy basket or hub as standard!
    The different clutch packs were because the SP's had sintered bronze friction plates, these actually grip better the hotter that they get, this makes them better for racing but...
    They can be a bit "Grabby" for the road.
    Modern organic friction plates work a lot better than they did back in the day.
    I actually use "El Cheapo" pattern friction plates intended for a Suzuki GS 650 Katana, you can pick them up for around £40-45 a set and they work VERY well IME.

    The EBC plates for this conversion are a bit "Grabby" so I'd steer away from them if I were you.
    IME the tangs on the friction plates wear out (Turn into fish hooks) looong before the friction material wears out.

    *Many years of riding bikes with "Borderline Clutches" has taught me how to respect them.
    Never sit with the clutch lever pulled in when you can shift the bike into neutral, avoid stop start riding etc and shift the motor into neutral when approaching a junction of traffic lights.

    Steve R

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    the sintered sp packs had 8 friction plates and 1.5m steel plates. i've never liked them as a road clutch.

    you can buy 1.5mm steels on their own from marrocco4speed on ebay and add an extra friction to the normal pack.
    Brad The Bike Boy


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