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Thread: uploading pics

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    Default uploading pics

    It has been brought to my attention that some are having trouble posting pics. I am no computer geek but it seems to work for me (my simple way)!

    I save the pics on my desktop or in a file. I first cut them down in size to about 1500 pixels (on the large size) with photoshop or paint. I then click on "manage attachments" and follow the on screen directions to attach them. They appear as thumbnails but if you click on them they grow in size. This Forum is no place for high resolutions pics.

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    I had problemes as well that is why i used tinypic.
    And the pictures i posted are bit to big with that.


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    Default solved... not sure how

    After having issues uploading fotos for weeks, despite below storage limits etc... i cleaned up some old and heavy fotos in old posts... still not working...

    but now it works again ... not sure why...


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    I operate mainly off a phone these days, I hope and pray to the phone gods the size is right for the rest of universe. Itís the pics auto rotating that is the gyp. Such is life.

    Yule tidings Marvin. Hopefully without ice storms. Just read something about a polar vortex thatís reving up. The wife is financing my boyís trip over your way in February. Las Vegas for a menís artistic gymnastics world invited competition thing. Has it ever snowed there?
    If so, do you want me to send him to your place to dig you out? Heíll get over to Marks after that.
    To infinity and.......

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